Ruminations on Day Nine of rehab

It is freezing cold this morning and the sun is shining.  I am hoping the bright sun is a good omen.

Saw our young man last evening and he is “chomping at the bit,” full of energy, leading discussions, full of plans once released.  He is very anxious to get into the outdoorsy things he likes to do:  ice skating, cross country skiing, anything involving activity. He is set to get involved in AA or NA because he knows it is a part of the process.

We discussed issues of California, how we are going to be able to remove his belongings and bring closure to the western chapter.  We brought him some of my old magazines to read, a reading light donated by our friend, and a new pair of running shoes.

We talked of being less self-absorbed (as a youngest often is) and more giving of oneself, grandmothers look out, Mikey may soon be in your line of vision.  That will be a tremendous help to us.  The grandmothers offer us all sorts of interesting side entertainment (when it is in that arena), but more often strange requirements of our time.  Last night as we were at the Clinic for family education night, we ended up in a profitable AA meeting before having a chance to dialogue with Mikey.  While we conversed with Mikey, my cell phone went off, the nursing home called.  The phone call dropped before I could figure it out, some Agnes from the nursing home.  My worst fears came to mind.  I called back and they informed me that my mom had been in a nursing home altercation.  My mom is the most conflict avoidance person I know, so that surprised me.  They then told me that she supposedly had been quietly sleeping in her wheelchair when a male nursing home patient came up to her.  He loves to move the chairs around as I was told.  He somehow punched my mom, they don’t know whether it was intended or not.  She awoke and punched him back!  She then went to talk to the Social Worker on the staff.  That all amazed me as she has never been a good self-advocate.  They informed me that she was fine, had redness on her arm and would probably have a bruise.  We continued to dialogue and I asked what they were doing to prevent further incidents, and then the call dropped.  So now we have something to follow up on today.

Mary Kay’s mom is surprisingly quiet.  The shoe will drop, no worry there.  We get calls in the middle of the night when she is frantically looking for her deceased husband, saying he is out drinking with Christian or when she calls 911 as she has for many years, for things like hangnails (this is really close to not being an exaggeration) and then someone has to go over to prevent her from going to the hospital (which they have to do unless we sign off in person) because she is really fine.  Molière wrote “Le Malade Imaginaire” for her, I believe, I would loosely translate that as “the Hypochondriac.”  She revels in her illnesses, always has and is great at picking you apart when you least expect it.  We are doing our best to take care of her and avoiding conflicts. Her most amazing recent incident was when MK took her to the doctor, out to get her haircut and lunch, only to return her to her lovely apartment and see her push her fancy walker out of the parking lot and down the street saying she wouldn’t return.  Several hours later, to the company of the handsome cadre of firemen and police, she finally returned to her abode.  It takes a whole community to deal with the likes of “Nana.”

Anyway, we actually were not going last night to the clinic; our eldest was scheduled to visit.  We went since it was his last night alone at home and he was hoping to do a major cleaning before Laura and Samantha returned.  I told him we would do the job.  I remember fondly those days where I was once so desperate to do some planned work, was interrupted by a napless wonder (Mikey, in fact), and resorted to putting him in a baby backpack and painting in spite of it all!  Any help we can donate in that area, we do.

Soon off to the pool to get some meditation and exercise in and then off for my annual physical which is usually not this late in the year but I somehow forgot.  More info on rehab status later…


One response to “Ruminations on Day Nine of rehab

  1. Glad you are doing well…also glad that you are getting your physical.Take care of yourself! We have all just recently learned how important that can be!

    From another “Sandwich Filler”,
    Hello and my best to Mary Kay

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