Day Seven of rehab, the half way mark

A cold and beautiful day with the huge mounds of snow as a backdrop, we head out to exercise in the morning and follow it up with a visit to the grocery store.  Then we pick up a pair of shoes for Mikey, one of several items he still needs.

After swimming, MK talks to Mikey.  It turns out that he is doing fine.  He mentions that his initial roommate has been removed from the facility as he was involved in a drug bust yesterday afternoon; someone visited and provided him with the illegal substances.  Several other young men that Mikey has complained about are also gone, victims of the same type of situation.  Mikey had complained about them because they didn’t want to be in the facility.  Some people are forced to be there and that doesn’t make for a good atmosphere for recovery.

Yesterday, when we visited, we ended up in an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting where we had to introduce ourselves and participants had to introduce themselves and give some info as to why they are there   It was a very humbling experience, one that I have see played on television more than once.  There seemed to be amazement when we walked in that Mikey had not only relatives there for support, but both parents.  They immediately ran and got us chairs.  When the session was over, the lady running it took the time to say nice things to us and to remind Mikey that he is lucky to have parents who not only accept him but love him.

Many of the people at the treatment center have been in and out of prison and have relapsed more than once.  Again, a humbling experience.

We continued to talk about what we are doing, where we are going and Mikey mentioned once again that he is interested in finding a new profession, maybe even teaching.  Time will tell.


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