Gaenseliesel (Gänseliesel) revisited

I just received a message from a very good friend in Strasbourg reminding me what my sometimes weary mind has forgotten. 

I am convinced that all things happen for a reason although we are not always privy to the reasons why.  Christine reminded me that in the beautiful Orangerie Park in Strasbourg that there is a a statue of Gaenseliesel.  As my wife reminds me, there are many spellings for this Goosy Girl named Liesel, Lisl, whatever.

So in 1978, I first came in contact with her and then I met her in Strasbourg.  Strasbourg is truly a French home away from home.  I so miss Strasbourg and am trying to figure out when to make my next trip there.

So here is a picture of my Liz!


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