I am somewhat freaked out by the number of hits my blogsite has taken today. On one hand I am happy as a clam at the numbers, higher than they ever have been before, way higher in fact. On the other hand, I keep wondering what I can do to maintain and/or surpass this in the future. My competitive side is now in full gear.

I have been meaning to apologize for any typos I may have incurred so far. As a French teacher, I have spent any inordinately large amount of time teaching, would you believe, English? My wife and I have almost daily banter about English usage and grammar. We are those crazy people who obsess about differentiating between who and whom and who are driven virtually batty by the issues of it’s, its, their, there, they’re, affect, effect, and knowing when to use the subjunctive in English (I wish she were here). I am annoyed with myself when I end a sentence with a preposition and I have caught myself and even allowed myself to do so with the excuse that this is a blog! I am incessantly making corrections as I reread my posts, I hate these mistakes. A few years ago, one of my classes and I actually complained about an expensive (new edition) text we were using. We wrote a letter to the publishers to that effect. They asked for the corrections. We responded that remuneration was appropriate. They sent each person a rebate check and killed off the text the following year.

My wife and I are always on the prowl with language and discuss the issues with others. We sometimes even call ourselves the “Language Police.”

Add into the mix that I blog using several different means: PC laptop, iMac, iPad, and even an iPhone. The reason I mention those is because they sometimes mess me up with their corrections, keeping in mind that I use both French and English and the keyboards seem to like to flit between the two at the whim of the moment.

Again, I am overwhelmed and thank all of you out there who are taking your valuable time to read my thoughts. I am extremely appreciative! Please keep reading!


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