Ground Zero and Religion

Politics is a necessary evil, or so I am told.  Nevertheless, I am not a big fan.  I find that although it may well be necessary, that it often clouds vision to the point that some good things just don’t happen.

In my high school teaching career, although for the most part, the stars were generally aligned to meet all of the needs of the students, periodically egos and politics came in the way of doing for students what is truly needed.  That annoys me.  Politics gets in the way of so many other things as well.

Religion has come to play in the area of politics and thus evolves an interesting arrangement. I have mentioned some thoughts on religion and what it means to me.  I have delved a bit into my thoughts on hypocrisy and the guise of being religious and actually being mean spirited.

We are in that season of the year where we are supposed to espouse “Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men” as they say.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually do that?

I have to qualify these thoughts by saying that they are mine and represent a person with a somewhat naïve understanding of the arguments surrounding the current situation in New York City.

I just keep thinking of Ground Zero and the brouhaha over the proposed Mosque near it.  I am amazed, once again by the reactions to that.  I am not a fan of terrorists and/or terrorism.  I am not a fan of killing or violence.  I feel relatively apolitical. I am, however, a major proponent of peace.

What I am leading to is why not build a Mosque near the site of Ground Zero?  It seems to me, that given the entire situation and the horrible atrocities that occurred on 9/11, it would be a good thing to not get bent out of shape over something like a Mosque.  The Mosque represents a place of worship for those of the Muslim faith.  Although we are quick to judge and many Americans blame Islam for the event, that is, in fact, not the case.  It was an extreme faction of people who created the situation.

For those of us who proclaim to be Christian, let us truly live and breathe our faith by quelling the craziness of such an extreme reaction.


One response to “Ground Zero and Religion

  1. Here, here! So eloquently put! Seeing Ground Zero this summer was very poignant. If we start banning mosques and burning books then we have really lost the fight for equality and tolerance. Thanks for putting it so nicely, Rich.
    BTW…is this blog going to be a book?

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