Big Willy

As I sit here in a coffee house in Chicago I am pondering a question that came to mind regarding “Big Willy.” I am enjoying a nice, hot café au lait near the Chicago River. I came to escape the wintry, blustery weather in the city.

Why is it that Americans seem so interested in changing the names of their cultural icons? We are all acquainted with the Sears Tower, which no longer exists. Not that the building isn’t there, it has changed names! It is now the Willis Tower or “Big Willy.” Maybe I should just blame the Brits, after all they are the ones who purchased it and changed its name!

Take, for example, Northwestern’s Ryan Field which used to be Dyche Stadium or Cellular Field in Chicago which used to be Comiskey Park. Does one think that money may be the reason? Is that all we deem to be important?

As an aside, I wonder how many individuals arrived at this blog after a google search looking for something else?

Enough of my griping! I am going to just enjoy my coffee and shut up!


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