My Untypical Autobiography from 1968

I have spent more than enough time in my wonderful, carpeted crawlspace of late and came across this piece of writing dated, September 16, 1968.  It was written for my English class in my senior year of high school (Valley Forge High School in Parma Heights, Ohio).  It was written in cursive, skipping lines, in ink, and folded in half, only written on one side of the page for my English teacher, Miss Viscomi.

As Mary Kay would say, only I would have saved something like this. 

I am a quiet, studious, and often too serious individual and a perfectly untypical teenager. Instead of doing something “typical” like drag racing, I would much rather read a good book by my favorite author, Steinbeck.  Machines any more complicated than an ordinary fan confuse me, even electric plugs do!  School, however, has always been a place I can work and obtain a reasonable amount of success.

Emigrating from Cleveland to Parma (Ohio) when I was seven was quite a shock.  The drastic change from quiet city life to that of exciting “Polish” suburbia (Parma had a very ethnic reputation and I believe it still does) was truly “something else.”  Being young, however, the adjustment was somewhat quick.

My interests are odd, unique, varied, and constantly changing.  They seem to shift with my unstable personality.  I took oil painting (not by number) but as yet I have only one original to my name.  I enjoy plants in all shapes and sizes.  Even tropical fish intrigue me.

High school has been one of the most invigorating experiences ever. I have been able to take such courses as United States History Advance Placement, United States Government Honors, and Independent Study (A course on Russia).  My favorite subject is French, and I am now in my fourth year.  In college, I plan to further my ability to speak French and possibly teach it.

In extracurricular activities I am involved in French Club and in the Junior Council on World Affairs.  Last year the Junior Council on World Affairs was not a success, but this year we will try again.

I plan to go to college because I feel it is a necessary and vital part of one’s education.  It has been one of my goals ever since I can remember.  Fulfilling college will be one of my life-long ambitions realized.


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