A cold and wet, dreary Saturday


my mom and Samantha in the summer


Dreary day here in Deerfield as it is cold and rainy.  We really would prefer some snow since Richie’s business of snow removal is greatly helped by that and financial recovery from the dissolution of Koerner Enterprises is aided as well.

I chilled out in the morning and blogged a bit before going to the gym.  Today was my day for arms and shoulders with the machines for me.  I did the treadmill before and after to get the blood flowing.  I followed that up with the steam room and nice hot shower.

Then I went to visit my mom in the nursing home.  She was in good spirits.  I just realized that it has been a whole year since she has lived on her own.  She has also had a tough few months as we came to the conclusion that we could no longer maintain her mouth without dentures so the upper teeth were removed.  We had hoped to not get to this point.  Then the long wait for the healing and then the taking of a cast to produce the dental hardware for the upper mouth that was needed.  She just had that hardware checked out and it will be ready after a few minor adjustments, hopefully this week.  Then the dentist informed me that a partial dental plate in her lower mouth is in bad condition and needs to be replaced.  Luckily, this one will stay in her mouth while the new one is made.

I showed her pictures on the iPad, she always enjoys that, seeing the family, especially Samantha.  I also showed her the blog where she was a star and that was an enjoyable moment for her.  Although she, at 89.8 years of age doesn’t totally get the Internet, she has some comprehension of it.  She laughed hysterically when I showed her the 80th birthday blog and all of her interesting observations and suggestions.

Tonight we are having our MegaFriends’ Christmas gathering.  This is a book discussion group of friends in the area and although we haven’t been getting together a lot, there is a great feeling when we are all together.


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