Confessions of an admitted (addicted?) iPhone user

I have always liked my guy toys.  I love new technology, computers, etc. 

As an organizational freak I like to use technology to organize things that I cannot do otherwise.  Lists, files, folders, you name it, I like to utilize it. I store them on my iPhone.

I remember the first cell phones, those large brick-like things  that I first had a chance to use when I took students on a field trip years ago, borrowing it from the school.  I graduated from that to my own, continuing on down the communication continuum until I got the iPhone.

I truly enjoyed the iPhone 3G until I made the mistake of updating to a version that signaled the demise of the apparatus.  I was so frustrated I realized I had to have the iPhone 4 and that was a glorious transition.

I spend altogether too much time on it, using it, researching apps, adding apps, and the like.  It is a technological double edged sword in that it makes your life easier and takes away your time as it is so intriguing that you cannot put it down.

It is no longer a pain to be stuck somewhere because there is always something to do, play a game, read my book, check a schedule, be reminded to change my contact lens (yes, lens, I only have one, this was not a typo). 

I remember that before I had the iPhone, I had a very primitive Blackberry.  I remember that I thought it was amazing.  Little did I know!  I also remember reading that a very large percentage of users would get up during the night to check something on it.  

I have never had a PDA and never gotten up during the night to check something on my smart phone.  So, although I am hopelessly addicted, I still have some control, don’t I?


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