Bag Balm as the new Duct Tape?

Am I the only one around who knows of and uses Bag Balm?  I only wish I could remember when I found out about it.  It has been one of the most amazing health aids ever.  Like petroleum jelly, but with antibiotics, as far as I know.  For someone like me who suffers from dry skin on my hands and cracking skin around the nails in the winter, it is an amazing find.  Chapped lips?  It is amazing!  It has many, many uses, other than just that.

My sons have made merciless fun of me over the years for my recommendation to use Bag Balm.  It protects from chafing, it can keep your skin lubricated.  I keep it with me when I travel and use it for all sorts of things.  If you are in a pinch needing oil on something, it comes in handy.  If you want to stop rust on something, a little bit of it goes a long way.

It comes from Vermont and can easily be found online.  I have also found the small travel can to take with me as seen in the picture you see above this article.  It is also available, although you sometimes have to look for it, at the local drugstore.  Originally, and I believe this is still the main usage, Bag Balm was made to coat the cracking udders of milking cows.

I think what says it all is that my son, Richie, was visiting the home front the other day, and mentioned how much he uses it.  He wanted to know if I had any, knowing full well that it would be unlikely for me to not have it.   Sure enough I did, gave him my large can, knowing full well I can survive on my travel can for the time being.

Are there any other uses for Bag Balm out there?  It seems that Duct Tape keeps finding new uses; the latest I heard is that it removes warts.  Maybe there is some other special usage for Bag Balm that we need to know about!

my Travel version of Bag Balm


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