Samantha and French

Samantha is twenty months old.  I see her with great regularity and watch her two full days a week.  Since her birth I have spoken to her in nothing but French.

She can repeat everything I say in small bits.  She is just starting to put together ideas and sentences in English.  She understands absolutely everything I say, no matter how complicated.  We have noticed that she is already using cognates in English, her mom said “beautiful” to her and she said “pretty.”  We think that my speaking to her in French may well have enhanced her ability to do this.

I am already sad about the fact that she may soon be able to pronounce “s’il te plaît” (please) correctly.  I think we are pretty close to that.  The way she currently does it is adorable.  It is something like “te pi ta.”  She readily knows how to respond to “au revoir” (goodbye” and today for the first time, she said “merci” without having to be prompted.  I have been working on her conjugation of the verb “s’appeler (to be called, my name is) and she knows how to respond when I ask her what her name is, what my name is, what someone else’s name is.  It is amazing.

If I were to say anything to her in English, she looks confused.

Her language acquisition is amazing!  More to come!


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