A day in the life of Samantha

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Today Samantha came over later than usual; her mom brought her, which was also unusual.  Laura had to go to a funeral of the mother of a colleague and took the opportunity to get some time with Samantha before going to it. 

I hit the gym beforehand hoping to grab whatever sustenance I could from working out since Samantha could tame a lion and I am just a simple Hausherr.

About 9:00 she arrived, full of energy and dressed to the hilt in the outfit she wanted (she is under two and rather precocious and I don’t think I am biased, LOL!).  We managed to divert her attention a bit and immediately went into the family room.  Mom managed a quiet getaway!  I thought she was going to ask to watch Happy Feet as she usually does, and true to form, she did.

We watched it for a short time, I warned her that I would be turning it off soon and the real play began!  First she grabbed her dolly out of the cradle and set to walking around with it, wrapping it, unwrapping it.  Excuse me for speaking in neutral terms but despite pleas from Grandma for a name, Samantha has resisted naming the dolly, for the moment.

The “Honey Don’t List was looming in my head and I decided to use it to have some fun.  Ripped off the cushions of the “This End Up” furniture (anyone remember that store with the furniture built to defy my boys?) and threw them on the floor.  I polished the furniture while Samantha located the Brio Train.  I interrupted my work every so often to make sure the Brio train was properly set up (this was at Samantha’s request).  Started to make a fort with a blanket over it, but that malfunctioned.  Needless to say, Samantha didn’t care at all.  So I put them down all together, threw some pillows on them and then one of the many blankets that we store in the family room for cuddling up nice and cozy while there.  The photos of the play say it all!

Samantha soon got hungry (she likes to graze) and ate a ton of food.  She asked for more fresh raspberries (she has a generic name for all berries, “dobbies”), so I brought some down with some fresh blueberries as well.  She had already eaten some cheese, a bit of cracker and located the juice boxes of Apple Juice in the laundry room cabinet.  This time she wasn’t disappointed as last Friday she was on an apple juice kick that depleted our pantry.

By this time, we had already tried the potty once (she is asking for it and been successful a few times (she is just over 20 months) and been unsuccessful.  Nobody is pushing this, we are all aware that at sixteen there isn’t a prayer she won’t be potty trained.   A little later she wasn’t smelling too fresh so Papi took her upstairs and cleaned her up.

At this point, she needed to see the “magic box” Mary Kay put under the bed (at Laura’s suggestion) for her full of trinkets and doodads that are just for her play.  That took another twenty minutes and then she asked to go on our bed and because she has this tradition with her grandmother, watch TV.  I had recorded “Hotel for Dogs” on the DVR so we watched about 15 minutes of it and enjoyed our quiet time. 

After that, she wanted milk and down she went for a nap.  Papi went furiously around the house making up for the lost time and putting most everything back in order.  Our rule for cleaning up a room before moving to another had been successfully pre-empted by a dirty diaper!

By the way, I have realized that having three boys that I never learned to do hair!  You may have noticed that!

Wow, am I tired!


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