Windows, Popcorn, and Mashed Potatoes

It is amazing how sheltered and provincial people can be. Every once in a while little events occur that bring this thought to the forefront.
I remember my wife telling me about the time she was carpooling when the kids were younger. One of the children in my wife’s favorite car, the Chevy Celebrity station wagon, wanted to have some air and asked if she could open the window. My wife replied, “Go right ahead, open it up!” The kid said to her, Mrs. Koerner, “Where is the control button?” My wife laughed, “There isn’t one, crank it open.” The kid, in a frustrated tone said, “How do I do that?” We often had the oldest car in the neighborhood, this one actually wasn’t, at the time, but the package we had purchased was without power windows. This youngster didn’t know about the other kind of windows! That kid would have freaked if he had been with us in our Ford Maverick that we bought for $1 from friends that had an actual hole in the floor!
Another story of interest was when my wife told the kids who were over that she was going to make popcorn. They looked in dismay at her as she headed toward the stove with the popper and proceeded to put in the corn kernels. They were amazed as they didn’t know that you could make popcorn outside the microwave and not in a pre-packaged container!

My final funny story is about mashed potatoes and the kids who were freaked out that we were making them on the stove and actually smashing real potatoes!
Our kids had to suffer through the most boring, weirdo parents in the whole neighborhood!


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