Rat feeders

I openly admit to being eccentric in all sorts of areas.  I am convinced that being eccentric can be a problem but it might well be what endears you to others.  Years of my being somewhat eccentric made me a quite interesting French teacher who could provide hours of classroom teaching and rarely being boring.

I am very interested in being green, love composting, hate to waste.  The non-wasting idea is something I got from my background.  The green is an evolution of me and what I received from my family in terms of the ways I deal with things.

Way back when and I don’t know where I heard this, I read somewhere that garbage disposals were not a good idea.  The reason was because they put food into the sewers and attracted rats.  I am not so sure I believe this but it entered my head and made me less than accepting of disposals in the kitchen.  I grew up in a house without air conditioning, where I had to turn on an exhaust fan in the early evening and pull the hot air out and hope there was some cool air to pull in.  My mom’s house never had a dishwasher; there wasn’t even room for one.  The idea of a garbage disposal was not an issue or even a thought.  So I had no predisposition for one. 

The garbage disposal holds no great attraction for me for several reasons and it was only within the past ten years that I relented and had one installed (and I still am not fond of it).  First, the idea of feeding rats is not pleasant to me.  Then there is the danger factor.  My family members have visited the Emergency Room far for often than I would like to say, I would rather not add to the possibilities by having someone put a hand in the drain and…  Personally, I don’t truly understand, although I am sure it is just me and my weird ideas, why someone cannot pull the food peelings out of the strainer in the bottom of a sink.  To me, a garbage disposal can just be an excuse to be lazy.

Do I never use the disposal?  Honestly, I do use it periodically.  Okay, maybe even more than periodically.  It annoys me, however, that there are certain things that just aren’t supposed to go in them.  Celery?  Not a good candidate for the disposal.  I am bothered by the fact that I am supposed to remember what the list of disposal candidates are.  I have just too many other things on my mind.

Happily, I recently bought a nice German made container to put the food refuse in before taking it out to the compost.  I am using the disposal even less now.

I dislike the disposal so much that I have indulged in one of my wife’s most endearing traits.  Whenever I am with her in situations, I can often tell whether or not she likes the person we are communicating with by a simple thing she does.  If and when she somehow doesn’t remember the name of a person or if she changes it (mind you, this is all done subconsciously), I know she doesn’t like that person.  For example, if the person’s name is Cathy and my wife suddenly calls that person, “Kitty,” I know what is going on.  The reason I mention this is because I have a subconscious mental block against the disposal.  Before beginning this article, I had to spend a few moments to remember exactly what this item I love to hate is.  I always think the word processor is involved, like a food processor, but obviously a disposal isn’t a processor, unless you think it is processing food for rats!

Am I the only one who has this feeling for garbage disposals?


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