A day in the life

Today I got up at the usual time, early as always, to a blanket of snow on the ground that quickly invited my presence.  Cleaned up, went outside and moved the slightly wet snow off of the driveway and then had some breakfast.  Then, I really cleaned up and got dressed to go to a funeral. 

The plan was to go to the funeral north of here, in Crystal Lake and then wend further north to Madison, Wisconsin.  Several weeks ago I had received an e-mail from an artist Mary Kay and I like who is having a mini-exposition in the suburbs of Madison.  Thought that it would be a fun trip, get a hotel, stay overnight, just a quick getaway from it all; something nice to put some of our rough weeks behind us.

The funeral was for the mother of a colleague of Mary Kay’s.  We had gone back and forth about whether or not we would go to the wake, but given the location and the fact that I wanted to go and was watching Samantha on Friday, we finally decided to attend the funeral on Saturday and then go further north.

As it turns out, we were actually leaving the house, early at that when we received a phone call from Richie, our son.  The weather decided to be winter-like and the snow had started somewhere around midnight.  We didn’t really think too much of it since we have two “all wheel drive” vehicles that are very good in the snow and we were certainly in no rush to get where we were going.

Richie, in the throes of joy over the snow, joy because it means work and some good quality snow plowing, called to say that his fiancée, Emily, had had an accident.  I still don’t know the total details of it, I do know that that it happened on the interstate going north and that she apparently was changing lanes.  I also knew that she was being taken to our local hospital by ambulance, even though she was “okay.”   We did hear the word, “Semi” as well.  The car she was driving appears to be “totaled” and the driver side door was really smashed in.  Unpleasant in the loss, but a car can be replaced, people cannot.

The question was, “What do we do now?”  Christian, our other son, was with his daughter and headed to the hospital.  We quickly decided that we would cancel our plans to go to the funeral and then to Madison and then we would watch Samantha while Christian was plowing for and with his brother.

So, dressed up, we headed to the hospital and met Richie and Danny (his protégé sidewalk shoveler) and within a short period of time we got to see Emily in the Emergency Room.  She was with her dad and her mom soon arrived as well.  They were checking to see that she was okay, doing all the usual tests, apparently flushed out her eyes since glass had sprayed everywhere, had her in a neck brace, but she seemed none the worse for the wear.  She was in a good amount of pain from the impact and from the stress of having been held in by the seat belt/shoulder harness.  Thank goodness, she is okay.  My guess is she is really going to be sore tomorrow.

Christian and Samantha soon joined us and we said goodbye to the hospital contingent and took Samantha home with us.  Christian took Richie’s truck and he and Danny set out to begin the plowing contracts.  Richie would join him when he could with Christian’s truck. 

Mary Kay, Samantha, and I set off for home, settled in, and soon had “Happy Feet” on and Samantha had lunch.  Laura came not too much later to pick Samantha up and take her home.  She had been working and came as soon as she could. 

Laura reminded us that we could have contacted her and she would have come sooner.  We reminded her that to us, this is what families do.  We are oh so privileged to be able to spend time with our granddaughter, it is precious, priceless time.  She is aware of this and when I ask her not to thank us, she does anyway, saying it is above and beyond the call of duty.  Perhaps it is, but not in the “Koerner” book.

I neglected to mention that I had re-shoveled several times.  Also, while at the hospital, I called Hotwire to see if I could cancel the hotel reservation.  I hadn’t gotten insurance to cover the situation and figured I might have to take a loss, but since I am a good customer, they let me off the hook.  They were, as they have always been, prompt, apologetic for any time you spend “on hold” and easy to deal with.

I held myself back from attacking new projects and Mary Kay and I vegged out in front of the TV watching the latest movie by Drew Barrymore.  It wasn’t half bad!

The moral of the story is, you never ever know what to expect in the Koerner household.  We really know how to have fun!


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