To rinse or not to rinse the dishes…

Every so often, we all experience a moment that seems to be the impetus for many more, a snowball effect of thoughts and research that go somewhere else.  As I reflect back, at the time you have no idea what is occurring.  A simple moment expands, morphs, evolves into something else.

Many years ago, I recall sitting in my good friend’s apartment in Strasbourg, France.  We had just had a great lunch in the kitchen, which is unusual in itself, dining being more of an experience than that, but this was a special treat since I was a close enough friend to be less formal than normal.  I remember being in shock that she was just taking the dishes and throwing them in the dishwasher without rinsing them.  I said to Christine in French, “You aren’t rinsing the dishes?”  She replied, “I have a dishwasher, why on earth would I do that, that is what a dishwasher is for.” That started a discussion that turned into a bit of Koerner research that changed our family ways for good.

Upon my return home, I discussed the situation with my wife.  We were in need of a dishwasher and the idea of not having to rinse the dishes sounded like a sound, practical, logical way of dealing with them.  We were also so tired of not being able to hear when the dishwasher was working.  Thus began the research.  We found out that the European dishwashers were less noisy when functioning because they had a system that didn’t require a food grinder.  The heat and pressure from their systems meant that it wasn’t necessary.  They did have a filter which needed periodic attention but that is truly a no brainer as it doesn’t require all that much from you.  We decided to pay a little more and we purchased a Miele, similar to that of my French friend.

The first time we used it we weren’t even sure it was running, it was so quiet.  So, the other day, when our dying Miele was emptying its last jets on the Koerner dinnerware, we went out and bought another.  Yes, it is possible to put your dishes straight into the dishwasher without rinsing, and we have now done it for years.


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