La Semaine du Français 2003, an example of how to set up a successful National French Week at a High School

 I pulled this out of my archives to show the basic plan for a National French Week production at New Trier High School.  This is pretty much the format that we used every year with modifications here and there.  Here’s hoping this could be something of use to a current French teacher who needs an extra resource of information.

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November 3rd November 4th November 5th November 6th November 7th
French food in the cafeterias French food in the cafeterias French food in the cafeterias French food in the cafeterias French food in the cafeterias
    Immersion Day Film:  400 Coups AP & Conversation classes teach on the Freshman  Campus


  • Please locate folder from LSDF2003 on the MCL server folder!


  • Film night, Thursday, November 6th, in a large enough, well-equipped venue
    • Presenter/moderator to set up the film and guide discussion (film teacher from the English Department chosen for this)
    • Film choice:  400 Coups
    • room setup :  « U » shape
    • Refreshments provided at low cost by French Club
    • Publicity:  10 posters enlarged on the poster machine,
    • e-mail:  to administrators and WL and ENGLISH departments


  • Field Trip from French classes to local elementary/middle schools to teach a lesson
    • How many students solicited to teach?
    • From which classes:  AP &  French Conversation and 4th year


  • Movable Bulletin Boards placed in main lobby/meeting area of school with info


  • Poster Contest
    • Voluntary and stated to all French classes


  • Public Relations
      • Yearbook
      • School newspaper
      • School Video Yearbook
      • Public Relations person for the district
      • District Webmaster
      • group e-mail to all teachers and administrators


  • Immersion Day (Students are required to sign a pledge to speak in French all day, in all classes; teachers of the other classes need to sign a permission form for it)
    • 4th, and 5th year students (special permission for some 3rd year students)
    • wear “bleu, blanc, et rouge”
    • Wednesday, November 5th
    • permission slip


  • Trivia Contest
    • Production of questions / answers
    • Duplication
    • Collection
    • Purchase of croissants  / jelly at either Costco or Sam’s club to provide adviser room (homeroom) breakfast
    • Monies to purchase breakfasts
    • Delivery of breakfasts on Monday, November 10th..
      • to five adviser rooms


  • Staff Dining Room and Student Cafeteria
    • contact people in charge of above and ask to provide something French each day
    • Different menu each day
    • walls
      • get permission to decorate the bulletin boards in the above (Le Petit Prince Paintings and/or posters)


  • Signs in school / Decorations
    • Placement by October 30th …the official date we meet after school to do the job
      • Various French classes


  • Selling of  “French” baked goods by classes to make money for Trivia Breakfast


  • Removal of posters/signs at the end La Semaine du Français
    • from walls of school
    • from Staff Dining Room and Student Cafeteria
    • classrooms


  • Thanks you notes to appropriate personnel for their part in the success of La Semaine du Français 


Questions for next year:

  • Have we thanked everyone, forgotten anyone? 
  • Current monies in our account, do we need more fundraisers? 
  • changes?

©2010 RJK


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