Family movies

Our family has a couple of movies that we really like to watch.  In the past, when we were less scattered, we would watch more as a family.  If Mary Kay had her way, we had “Jammy Time,” excuse me, “Jammy Wammy Time,”  and watched in pajamas.  I must say that I don’t really participate properly in that activity, nor do the boys, but she and Laura (our wonderful daughter-in-law and mom of Samantha) like to.  The boys and I are quite remiss as we are not “pajama” people and don’t even own any!

The French movie, les Visiteurs, has its American version with pretty much the same actors, at least the main ones. It is called Just Visiting, and it is a family favorite.  It features French actors in French themes with a zany plot and twists that are so ridiculous that we laugh like crazy.  It takes the French historical stuff and transposes the situation in time from modern day France (in les Visiteurs) to modern day Chicago (great since that is where we live) in Just Visiting.

The boys always used to like to torture me with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  They like to compare me to Clark Griswold because of the exterior lighting that he did in the film.  My efforts to decorate the house at Christmas don’t compare to Clark’s but I have had all sorts of mini crises.  One year I decided to put up the old fashioned type C-9 bulbs.  I was so tired of the little mini-lights burning out and then the entire string wouldn’t work.  So I replaced them with the C-9 set which was surprisingly fraught with technological issues, the bulbs kept burning out.  No sooner had I replaced one that another burned out and I was incessantly on the roof as I had lined the gutters with them.  So they therefore like to sit the family down with a bowl of popcorn and watch the movie and await the lighting scene, very much unlike mine, but enough a reminder of my issues on the outside with exterior lighting.  I am now in my LED phase and I am very happy about that because of cost, safety, and the fact that I can string more lights together easily.

Samantha has followed in her dad’s footsteps, Christian was totally enamored of The Wizard of Oz, Samantha has become a “Mumble” follower and in love with Happy Feet.  She cannot seem to get enough of it and immediately starts to dance when the movie plays.  We play it with the French soundtrack when I watch it with her.

As time goes on, I wonder what other movies will find their way into our collection.


One response to “Family movies

  1. Rich, PLEASE! The correct term is Jammy Wammy time. I don’t know where I got that from, but I think I used to say it to the boys when it was time to get ready for bed. I would also like to share with the world that we had an intervention with you in regard to lighting. One year about 10 years ago you were trying to all the lights to work and the family decided to throw them all out and buy new ones. Phew! That was a good day. It was a bit hard for you to take, but it was a mental health intervention for all of us. BTW, you are a very funny man!

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