Decorating for holidays

Sometimes you wonder why you do certain things.  One of those things is decorating for different holidays.  In a family where we have always stressed “traditions,” it is really important that we make the proper decorating changes in the house at the right times.

This morning, Samantha (my granddaughter) and I set to work starting the decorating for Christmas mode.  We pulled out the unbelievably beautiful ceramic Christmas tree my mom made years ago and put in the transparent plastic “lights” that allow the interior bulb (CFL, I might add) to shine through.  We had a great time.

Also had a chance to put our stained glass ornaments in the kitchen window.  They look amazing when the sun shines and are the first thing anyone sees when entering the front door of our house.

We followed up with the family room and I was reminded, once again, that there actually is a reason why we make decorational changes every so often.  I am betting that someone thought about this at some time.  When you do this, you often remove things, move things around, and the like.  In doing so, you sometimes find things to clean that have been overlooked.  So, not only do you make seasonal changes, you have the opportunity to do some cleaning to keep you house looking good and clean!  Has anyone else thought of this?


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