“Les idées ne sont pas faites pour être pensées, mais vécues.”


I must admit that in my study of French literature that André Malraux was not necessarily my favorite author.  In fact, he didn’t even come close.

I will also say that a few years ago as I was perusing a set of free posters being offered to me for placement in my French classroom, I came across the above quote on a poster of André Malraux’s face. It intrigued me.  To translate it, it means: “Ideas are not made to be thought, but lived.”

Before retiring from teaching, I began to put this as a part of my e-mail signature.  I have to admit, many people have asked me about it.  A student even gave me a silver ring with the quote engraved on the outside in Hebrew.

I know oh so many people who have all of these ideas and these ideas remain just that.  To me, that is a complete waste of life.  There are certainly all sorts of constraints and reasons why we don’t do things, but in the end, we should all try to make sure that we don’t become overwhelmed and/or held back by them.  I just keep thinking how if more people followed the above premise that the world would be a better place and we would all be far happier.  As we are approaching the new year, this might, perhaps, make a good new year’s resolution.


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