George Washington really slept here!

The Koerner House on 11/15/2010

I keep threatening my family to put a plaque on the exterior of our house or at least a plaque above the Washington bedroom in our house.  Yes, no joke, the Washington bedroom.  The funny thing about it is that George Washington actually slept in our house, and our house is not even 60 years old yet!

In 1985, I met George. He is a real person and actually slightly older than I am.  He is a Brit and was born in England.  George, in 1985, was working for a language laboratory company and sold New Trier High School its first modern language lab that actually worked.

The funny thing about George is that he actually is related to the first President of the United States!  His aunt, I believe, did the family tree and found out that both the former President and the current George can trace their lineage back to Malcolm I of Scotland who died in 954.

This connection with George has lasted until the current day.  George sold another lab to New Trier High School as well after leaving the company that sold us the first one.  This time it was from his own company.  I kept seeing him at language conferences and although these were pretty much the only times I would see him, we always re-connected as if no time had passed.  He constantly asked me if I would come to work for him.  I said to him, “Wait until I retire!” 

In 2007, as I was preparing to retire from teaching, I saw George at a language conference.  Being the person I am, I had been working on figuring out my next career move.  Once again he asked me the question.  We dialogued for a bit and I ended up, once I made the formal retirement from high school teaching, working for him.

My duties included knowing how to use the language lab software, training teachers in its use, serving as a pedagogical customer support specialist, doing sales, presentations in schools for teachers and administrators, and attending conferences to represent the company.  I ended up doing some fun travel all over the country and was making great headway until the Recession hit.  Being a smaller language lab concern, it was a serious blow and I was pretty much laid off, only doing part-time hourly work for them starting in June of 2010.

George has, in fact slept over in my house when in the area and I keep pondering whether or not to go ahead, annoy my family, and place that plaque in a very visible spot.  After all, how many people can state that George Washington slept in their house?


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