Ernest J. Koerner, self-portrait

The following poem is something that my eldest son wrote (I have not corrected it) for me when in elementary school.  The subject is something I have been traumatized by since the age of seven when my father passed away after a long illness.  I never really knew him at all, I know of him through the conversations with relatives and friends regarding him.  I am hoping my son is okay with my publishing this here since I haven’t even asked him and I am not even sure he remembers having written it. I have kept it all these years thinking of committing it to calligraphy (which I still may do) or just leaving it here.

The man I miss

I do not know

But yet he was my father

I yearn for him day by day

and yet do not know why

He left me so empty

I could often cry

once in a while I hear his voice

But I still do not know him well

For I was only seven

I did not know why my father

must ascend to heaven


Just once I would like

another glimpse

of the man I never really knew

to have a hug

or a kiss

even a simple handshake would do


I miss this man

and want to know

why he had to leave

I miss this man;

I love this man;

Dad, why did you leave?


3 responses to “Loss

    • Yes, I do. He managed to get right to the crux of my feelings. He actually doesn’t totally remember having written it. I am so glad I saved it. He is now 31 and a father himself. Thanks so much for the kind comment!

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