A Painting

As a kid, I was always interested in art, enjoyed it in school.  Unfortunately, I always put it on hold.  In high school, planner that I was, I looked at my four year plan and decided to take it during my senior year.  I had so many things I wanted to take and I was hell bent on getting to college and somehow manage to get as far away from the town I was living in as I could.  Anyway, I get to signing up for senior year and am informed that I cannot take art…it was too late, for some reason.  Nice break!  I couldn’t believe the stupidity of that situation, but it is a situation that occurs all the time.  Sometimes logic just doesn’t play any part in some decisions.

I enjoyed art from seeing it, museums, etc.  In France, I took Art History, and despite the sexist professor I had, I really enjoyed it.  Sexist, he was because he discriminated against guys and automatically gave better grades to the females.  I will tell that story, because it is a hoot, in another blog article.

I ended up doing calligraphy, getting involved in amateur photography, gardening (which I view as artistic, and such.

My thought was that once I retired, that I would take a course.  Come 2007 and my “retirement” from teaching, which I called my “pre-tirement” since I was still working, and I somehow had never managed to take an art course.

When I taught French, and did my unit on the “Little Prince,” I borrowed something my dear colleague Adrienne did in her class, something she had picked up from some workshop.  She had the kids buy a canvas, paints, and brushes and used a method by which the students could trace the images from the book (pretty primitive St. Exupéry pictures) easily and with great success.  Essentially, this got the kids very interested in the book, taught them that anyone could be an artist, and was just pure fun.  The paintings gotten from this effort were always displayed somewhere in the school, in this case, usually in the Staff Dining Room.  The reason I am telling this part of the story is that someone always neglected to pick up a painting.  I have some great paintings to remind me of this and also a few canvases that needed recycling since they hadn’t been completed.  I pulled the box filled with the incomplete versions the other day (yes, out of my crawlspace) and hit the recycling mode.

Pulled out my acrylics that were left over from the students, bought a few extras, and painted a piece to put in the main bathroom of the house that was sorely in need of something to catch the eye.  The result is displayed here.  That bathroom is a story in and of itself.  The fixtures are the oddest shade of salmon pink and unfortunately are in such good shape that we have not replaced them in our 57 year old house.  The walls were peppermint pink and white tiles when we moved in.  They nearly drove us to drink so we did have those redone and put up drywall and then white tiles around the tub and on the floor.  A bathroom with these colors doesn’t give many options for walls, so a year ago we painted the walls a beautiful shade of gray and bought a piece of granite with pinks and grays, and flecks of black in it.  But, what the heck do you put on the wall?  Well, I painted a piece of modern art.  It looks amazingly good and even better in that bathroom!  My painting career has finally begun!


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