The Carpeted Crawlspace

Ever have one of those days where you know you have something to do and you know you will do a great job at it once you start, but you just cannot get to that first step?

I am about to head into the crawlspace, which along with my garage, has been a bit of the bane of my existence. As an adult with my own home, I have never had a basement. That, in fact, might be a good thing. Basements in the Chicago area flood. I had never heard of sump pumps until moving to the Chicago area. As it turns out, I have had three houses in the Chicago area and all three have had crawlspaces, no basement, and no sump pumps. Fingers crossed here! LOL!

In any case, I am digressing. Even procrastinating here, because once I have posted this, I am headed into the dark of my crawlspace. I mentioned no basement because the crawlspace IS my basement or at least serves as such. I have a deluxe crawlspace with carpeting over the concrete portion and numerous layers of tarps on the other. Luckily, it is pretty dry. I had mentioned bane of my existence because I have three sons who have mentally tortured me in my garage and crawlspace. I am an organization freak, as I have mentioned and the boys somehow manage to get into my areas and, well, somehow in looking for things manage to make work for me to undo. I thought since they are all in their mid twenties to just over thirty, that this was no longer an issue. However, a recent camping trip has shown me that sons can still enter my private areas and wreak havoc! They have done this far more often in my garage, which I have somewhat reclaimed. Somewhat in that the business the two older boys were in often took over, removed tools and such, and filled up spaces. In recent days, I finally got that under organizational control with the Father’s Day gift of sturdy wooden shelving (that arrived in the dead of winter after Father’s Day when it was much too cold for me to work on). The dissolution of the business tells me that the Huns are about to come marauding through and my garage may well be a receptacle for all sorts of equipment that won’t fit anywhere else. Sorry, off the real subject of the crawlspace. You can easily figure out that I don’t want to start my attack!

I have been working on the crawlspace for weeks now, taking a day off here and there. I have re-organized things, seen what we have down there, thrown out numerous things, removed tons of cardboard receptacles that I replaced with plastic, and done somewhat of an inventory. I think I may be on just about my last day in there for a bit. I have finally reached the far corner of the crawlspace and I shall close off the vents for the winter. I still have to deal with papers from teaching that I have not been able to part with since my retirement, not sure if that will happen today. I may take a small vac down there, for the most part it is pretty clean, some dust on the tarps, but not too bad.

The big issue I have with the crawlspace is crawling in very low quarters and having to drag heavy boxes that (if they haven’t been replaced by the petroleum product variety) are falling apart! I hit my head on a girder or 2×4 when I am not as careful as I should be. It is also a real hassle as I drag things through the small opening and then push them out. Many times, I have a devil of a time pushing them out to find enough room to be able to extricate my late fifties body from my prison! Usually, I am doing this myself; it is usually too hard to plan to have someone there. It then is a job to drag all of the stuff upstairs and then out the door. It is a really complicated program when I go “underground!”

In the crawlspace are found things like our Christmas decorations (and Christmas is a big deal in the Koerner household) and other seasonal things. CDs are found here (as backups) and extra sets of dishes and pots and pans that I had always hoped to use in a vacation home (I think that is nothing more than a lost dream). Two of my three sons still have boxes upon boxes (mainly the “Sterlite” variety or “Rubbermaid” as one of my sons still calls them) down there which need their own reorganization, but that is not my issue for the moment.

Okay, enough, I am going into the dungeon and hopefully finish today so I can find another “Honey Don’t” item to attack before my wife finds out!


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