Bonjour à tout le monde!

Going to try this again. Thought I had saved what I had written and obviously I hadn’t.

I am a 50 something individual trained as a language educator. I spent well over 30 years teaching French in a north suburban high school in the Chicago area. It was an amazing experience and I will most assuredly get into that at some point in time on this blog.

I have a wonderful family, have been married over 35 years to a wonderful woman, my best friend, and we have three wonderful sons (the eldest married to a beautiful, wonderful, young lady and with a beautiful daughter, the second currently in a relationship with a another beautiful, wonderful young lady, and the third is just breaking up from a rather unfortunate situtation with his wife). The first two live in IL and the third now lives in southern CA.

I am currently “pretired,” that is, retired from teaching, but still working. I would like to say that I coined this expression, but I didn’t. I was working full-time following my retirement in 2007 from teaching French. I worked as an Undergraduate Admissions Advisor (IL, MI, WI, IN, MN) for my alma mater, Ohio University (in Athens, OH) and also for ASC Direct Inc. (language labs and courseware). I retired from OU in 2008 and put myself completely into ASC. In June of 2010, due to recession based issues, I was put on a situation where I work sporadically for them. My job with ASC (business headquarters in Marshfield, MO and administrative headquarters in San Antonio, TX) consisted of training educators in the use of the language lab software, doing presentations, attending conferences to educate educational personnel on our products, and serving as a pedagogical customer support specialist.

I am originally from Ohio, the Cleveland area, and at some point shall get into my reasons for leaving. I think they are quite interesting.

I have many different hobbies. I dabble in gardening (I find it therapeutic), calligraphy, photography, and the like. I was a lit major in college for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (French) and love good literature. I prefer fiction. I love to travel, always have, and have spent much time in France. During the last 10 years of teaching, I was the Coordinator of an Exchange program between my high school and a high school in Strasbourg, France. This was a most rewarding thing across the board, my family and I have adopted more than one French person into our family

I love to stay as fit as I can. I love to ride my bicycle when I can, walk, hike when I can, swim, and the like.

I am an organization freak. I am also a bit of a minor league tech geek. The aforementioned is perhaps the major thrust of my entire existence and always has been. I am guessing that it is my need to control a world that isn’t always controllable. I also have a sense of humor, by the way.

This blog will be about all sorts of things. One day it may be language pedagogy, the next on how to organize a room. I may easily head into how to deal with people (usually difficult ones and I have many suggestions there as somehow I have much experience here), and how to use your common sense to rear your children. I have always thought about writing a book, perhaps this may even lead there.

So, Bonjour à tout le monde!


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